Man’s biological weakness

Cultural diversity is always an exciting topic to touch on. Different cultures, beliefs and norms. The history of diversity traces back in 610 BCE when The Almighty, confused human language because they wanted to build a tower ‘The Tower of Babel’ in order to reach God’s resting place Heaven, I suppose(Genesis 11;1-9). Well,since then all […]

The dilemma 

I still remember back in the days,  When the love was still  fresh,  When reality was our past wish,  All we could ever do is have each other ,  Love till dusk, and when dawn came,  Happiness was a daily routine.  It never lasted.  Hate, remorse and regrets became of us,  We could no longer […]

Wicked Games

You betrayed my trust, As I was lost in lust, Or was it love? With a smile, You took away my innocence. With a hug, You robbed me off my dignity. With your words, You deceived me. And with your touch, I melted into your embrace. Your gifts blinded me, And with your kiss, I […]

The familiar stranger

What is love? That feeling when you constantly want to see him, is this love? That feeling when you don’t want to see anyone but him, is this love? That feeling you have when he’s around you and you don’t feel it around everyone, is this love? That feeling you get, a bad feeling, when […]

Crying blood, bleeding tears

 Today I felt what the  normal mwanainchi guy feels during this period defined by political tension.  I didn’t know this would be my experience. We have been hiding in our cocoons back at home. Not literally hiding, but coming from a well off family and living in a very secure estate got me living blindly […]

Kissing tradegy II

French kiss is sometimes complicated as we may think. If you make a wrong move, something avoidable can happen. French kiss involves sticking out tongue. It comprises of both a lizard kiss and a deep kiss. Some of the few steps to undertake this venture:  Starting contact with the Cupid bow, then you move to […]

Kissing tragedy Part I

Have you ever kissed someone and feel like you will puke the next minute or you want to brush your mouth, not your teeth? Well, to me yes. And that was my worst kiss ever. I felt like I was kissing a bag of sadines. The next thing‚Äč that I did is dumping the guy. […]